You say potato I say… 

My name is Ryan Roy and I’m a User Experience professional, UX for short. People in my field go by a lot of titles, sometimes we’re called UX UI developers other times Visual or Usability Architects even Information Architects. I’ve even seen one gentleman with the title UXDNNG. The whole profession goes by a number of different names that in the end really mean about the same thing.

We speak for the voiceless end-user.

Unfortunately my profession has done a little to educate the masses about what we do and why. For a profession whose member have a mandate to make things clearer and easier for the end-user we’re awfully bad at educating the world about what we do everyday.

I’ve been working on a simple way to explain to someone what User Centered Design is and how I do it. I try to do it before someone falls asleep or they glaze over from cognitive load. Here is what I have so far.

“I test web products with customers revealing flaws that prevent ease of use. Then I make improvements and test again, repeating the process until I’ve establish ease of use.”

How do you explain User Experience and your role in it?


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