While working on the Intuit account for Acumenity, I architected a SaaS application that integrates training tools into one connected platform called Cinch. It’s an LMS that also enables organizations to integrate with tools like GoToWebinar, EventBrite, ConstantContact and more.

This project was vast, took twelve months to complete and during that time I created over twelve hundred wireframes, prototypes, and numerous high fidelity mockups. It started out as an exam testing platform for Intuit exam creators to be able to build and change exams easily, updating them in real time. Intuit was impressed with our beta of the Cinch app and asked us to develop the application further to replace their existing learning management system.

Below are some of the artifacts from that project. I’ll be adding details of my process soon, in short, however, I performed the research, the sketches, the wireframes and the high-fidelity deliverables (shown here).

Persona 1. Exam Author

For Intuit we needed to understand the goals of our exam authors to better guide us in making decisions about the tools and features we were planning to offer them. These composites also helped us bring empathy to the process and further understanding for why a change or new feature was needed.


Exam Question Builder









3rd Party Integrations Cinch LMS Wireframe


3rd Party Integrations Cinch LMS

Calendar Builder Cinch LMS

Exam Question Cinch LMS Wireframe

Exam Results Cinch LMS Wireframe







Video Creation Cinch LMS Wireframe