UX Design & Journey Mapping

While working with Nova Southeastern University I planned a Journey Mapping workshop for team members from other department to join us for an introduction to user-centered design and user empathy. I facilitated a process to teach them as well as some of our team members about user experience design. Here our participants got to use their knowledge and some user research to build prototype personas and take them on a journey through selecting an applying to a couple of the universities programs.

Because our app was going to touch so many people in department lead positions I was very inclusive with the group we invited. This is the type of transparency I use in all of my work.

  • Marketing Leads
  • Product Manager
  • Development Leads
  • UX Team Members
  • Grad School Dean
  • Student Assistant

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At the end of the process most of the participants said they had never done anything so worthwhile for student in their entire careers and asked if we could do it again and keep the conversation going.