Design Decision Makers

If you’re a web or print designer you know this story.

You’ve just spent hours or days on a design. The client has seen the first draft and the second, made small changes, gushed about your work and approved the “Final”. That was really easy you thought as you begin to publish or print the design and then you get a frantic email from the client, WAIT!!! They tell you

“It seems our CEO, the PR team, our accountant and Hugo the office cat all want to see the design and they may have changes”.

Yes you may know this story well. It ends with a lot of changes and sometimes a full redesign. It may take a few days or a few weeks to get a real final approval from the actual decision makers. After an experience like that you may decide you don’t want to work for that client ever again but before you part ways consider this small step that can make your life and your communication with the client much easier and clearer.
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