Redesign Project


With, I worked on a number of design challenges, one of which was to redesign our site with the goal of improving customer experience to attract more visitors improve our conversion rates (ticket sales) and provide improved avenues for ad sales.

We had a conversion problem in our checkout process. The bounce rate was increasing as users were abandoning sales. We needed to solve the problem for several reasons, our users were becoming frustrated and choosing our competitor’s product over ours, our users were calling our help desk increasing support costs and our sales were suffering.

Our users were moviegoers that wanted to get their movie tickets in advance for various reasons. From wanting to be the first to see a blockbuster and reserve specific seats to people that want to save time and avoid a line out the door.

The time I spent interviewing our user’s system provided me with huge value when it came to improving our UX process. The information and details they gave allowed me to tailor the work I provided and help convert our thinking from an engineering centric approach to a user-centered design process.

Some pain points for our users:

  • Slow response load times on big movie release days.
  • Knowing where to call when they had questions.
  • Search for movie titles was difficult and not forgiving of spelling errors.
  • Users ability to search for a theater was confusing.
  • The Checkout process was too long and leading to abandonment.

“I’m not sure if I can go to the movie I just bought a ticket for, can I get a refund from you or the theater?”
“I want to find a theater in my town but I can’t find it”
“How do I search for movies here”
“I’m trying to check out but it’s asking me to create an account, I don’t want an account. I just want two tickets.”
“What does do?” (Yes, we got this question a lot in user interviews)
“I don’t understand what I can do on this website.”
“How do I buy a ticket?”

Design process: 

At the outset, we knew to design a better site we had to research our users, our competition, and our analytics. I spent a number of weeks researching the most visited pages and most frequently performed tasks on our site. I researched our competitions offerings to see where we could improve. I spoke to users who called our support desk and discovered the problems they had often would follow a few similar trends. Finally, I presented our site to people who had never used it before to assess our strengths and weaknesses. The research provided our team with a clearer picture as to how new users approached our site.

Most Visited Pages: This research clearly demonstrated that our checkout pages were the most visited. Eight out of every ten visitors to the site were coming to us this way. Directed from their local theaters online to our service that was in place to facilitate the sale of tickets.

Design Solutions: The images here






The Results